Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wait for the Punchline.

c. David Grim (taken 4/18/08)

And look...

"Oh how we understand process and means of delivery. Kids today can tell us a number of ways to get from here to there, but somehow the substance and import of the information is neglected. Attention spans have dwindled to virtually nothing. Everyone waits for the punchline, or the kernel that can be exploited for material gain. Perhaps we no longer have the time nor inclination to see the connective threads as conduits for significance, or rather the superstructure that makes everything interrelated. And it's not as if there is a "right" association , a proper relationship... but it's a function of consensus and mirroring. People look for recognition, which is generally simply projection. We've assimilated our pasts, which has no relation to our future aside from preceding it. Yet we shape every experience we have with what came before it. We can't get there from here, but we can reach an approximate point that resembles what we've imagined. If we are mentally "healthy" by conventional terms, we can even pretend that we've arrived at a place that we expected. How glorious it is to be that focused. Sure it's a delusion, but a useful one if we want to fully engage in society as it's organized. Still, what if we don't like the map we've inherited? Where does our will enter the superstructure? What small role can we have in shaping it, and how indelible will the mark we leave upon it be? Most nowadays are mere consumers. If people don't realize that they are just receptors."

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