Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Node in the Universe.

c. David Grim (taken 4/11/08)

More of this:

"Most of our triumph, and grief, and reputation, and personal meaning is simply the folly of self-importance. We think it matters that we are here because there is no other way to live, and even if we accept the reality of our transient nature, we still make our choices, whether informed or subconsciously, whether passive or active, whether deliberately or impulsively, we do act, and to us it will make a difference, but it is a credit to ego alone that we think we matter. I'm not suggesting that we not participate, but rather that we embrace the humility that can save us from ourselves. Why accept the proposition that isolation is possible? We all have the same name, and that is called "everyone", so when we look at others with disgust, or contempt, or affection, or bonhomie, or fellow-feeling, or jealousy, or respect, we are implicating ourselves as much as our targets. And we must remember that we are all moving targets endlessly shifting, and when we think we have met our marks, it is only the illusion of impact in memory. Sure, our aim was true, but this is no grand accomplishment because anything that emanates from us encounters another point in the grid, another node in the universe."

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