Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Good Friends at Verizon...

c. David Grim (taken 4/4/10)

I'm going to forgo all of the detailed apologies for not having posted. Truth is I've been busy. What I thought was going to be a sedate August has presented its own unique (and often beautiful) challenges. Moving is complete and setting up is well underway. But the rub is that when you move you run into all sorts of unanticipated changes.

For instance I had to cancel the internet and cable service at the new house. Should be easy, right? You just call the provider and let them know what you want. What I wanted was to get rid of FIOS, because I get internet by broadband using my Blackberry. What I did not want was to lose the e-mail address that I have used for the last near-decade, with all of the saved messages that I cared about over the years. And that is what happened... and the people at Verizon forgot to mention it.

Over the last two days I have spent well over two hours talking to various representatives of the "corporate citizens" who dwell under the Verizon umbrella. All I really wanted to know was how to access my large mass of stored messages that exist somewhere in their systems. Because I know that somewhere on some far away server (perhaps in a silo in Kansas, or even closer to home) all of my personal communication is still being served.

But it took many phone calls to discover at last that those messages are lost to me. In fact I think the person that informed me of that fact was Indian... perhaps not even an inhabitant of this nation. Ok, then. At least I can get the straight dope from abroad (and by that, I mean the skinny... the scoop... the TRUTH). The real story is that you and I don't really own our "meta data". So be careful what affirmation boxes you check with your little mouse.

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