Sunday, March 14, 2010

A trip down memory lane.

c. David Grim (taken 4/5/08)

Yesterday I took the opportunity to revisit my college years on a facebook group page. There were tons of photos of people that I haven't talked to, or even thought about, in years. There was also a discussion page and all the attendant comments of nostalgia that one would expect with such images. I got a kick out of it at first, enjoying a few of the memories that had slipped my mind over the ensuing decades (and boy, that's an odd term to use and reflect upon).

There was a long time after I attended Pitt when I liked reminiscing about friends and acquaintances from that period of my life. Now I get a vague cringing feeling. It was truly odd to read about the impression I left on people that really didn't know me all that well, but with whom I spent a fair amount of time.

I guess (ultimately) that it's a good thing I feel a bit embarrassed thinking about those days. If I was still sentimental for that particular phase of my life, I'd have some real cause for shame. If I hadn't learned and evolved past the perspectives and philosophies that I held during that time, then I'd have to consider my adulthood pathetic. Of course I wouldn't have the objectivity necessary to make that assessment, but that wouldn't redeem me. Anyway, I spent some time lying in bed last night thinking about it.

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