Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scenes from the Riverbed,

c. David Grim (taken 8/3/09)

Here's something I came across recently:

"We are disjointed, striated, selves deteriorating after coalescing. There is no team. It's everyone for himself. And sure there's a hierarchy, but everyone takes a turn when her time comes. The first shall become last as circumstances change, the environment shifts, and that which is evolutionarily preferable along with it. People will cling to their own gods. Thinking that something like truth exists, only to trip on the ever-widening cracks in their worldview. Soon they appear to bound over these chasms with crazed looks, but eventually and inevitably, they come up short. Because no one remains eternally young and adaptable. We become marks in time. From our own limited perspectives we seem to be etched indelibly into stone, but the truth is that we inscribe ourselves on a riverbed, with millions of tons of water passing over us without pause, and we are effaced in less than an instant."


  1. Excellent image! As for the quotes of late, give some cred so your followers can read too.

  2. MW,

    Thanks for the feedback. Remember to ask me about authorship the next time we see each other.

  3. Most of the time, I don't really like your photos, they look too much like a 14 year old just opened a copy of Photoshop and hit the negative button.

    But....I really like this photo. It's actually rather scary and creepy, it reminds me of a disembodied skull.

  4. Anonymous...

    What a deliciously bitchy commentary you've offered!
    So... how did you like being turned out?
    It's always nice to hear from another satisfied customer.

  5. i normally don't reply to anothers comment, however i am compelled in this instance: (anonymous)-your comment is exactly the point, which you missed. the mind of someone who assumes they know, yet really is clueless. the point being that MD's shots appear as taken not altered after the fact. it's easy to say an image looks photoshopped but a talent to snap a pic in real-time with effects on, realizing the outcome is different. to see the unseen in the moment. (the sole instance that something exists in a specific state); that is the point. not everyone with photoshop can attain that.
    -just my 2 cents...