Friday, January 29, 2010

River Apocalypse

c. David Grim (taken 3/24/09)

It's crazy how quickly I come to miss my daily walks. Obviously it's too cold now to make them a structured part of my life. Besides putting on extra pounds that I'll inevitably have to work hard to shed, I find my mental stability threatened through lack of movement. It may not even be a conscious process of intentional reflection, but somehow things seem to find their proper order after a 45-minute walk.

This shot was taken last year, around the time when it first became possible to enjoy walking around the city once again. I had started to make loops around Lawrenceville, and was on the look-out for a different path with new stuff to look at. This interest brought me to the path that skirts the southern bank of the Allegheny. As I made my way through the thick darkness of the trail, I heard human voices along the bank and went to investigate.

What I discovered was a rocky outcropping upon which a few local teens had built a fire. They were trying to immolate a door, and I paused in consideration of the poisonous fumes that must be emanating from this detached portal. I turned down their offer for a beer, but they still graciously allowed me to capture them with my camera. I love the otherworldly suggestion of post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh that came as the result.

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