Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mulling it Over.

c. David Grim (taken 7/4/09)

Here's a shot I took of my friend Kurt last Summer. We were at a 4th of July party over in Larryville, having a good time. I had picked up a big pack of those crappy fireworks we are relegated to if we don't want to break the law here in Pennsylvania. People were playing horseshoes in the dark in the fenced-in yard, and I would periodically light some multi-staged thing that was thrilling enough for the state that most folks were in.

I was really happy to be in the company that I was in. i liked everyone present a lot, and there was plenty of conversation around the fire. We talked about comics, art, and politics. We ate great food in bursts throughout the night. It could have gone on for days, and I would have remained content.

It was the perfect space for me to roam around in with my camera. No one had any problem with being photographed- in fact, the mood was so high that they welcomed it. The funny thing is that the images tell a completely different story, to the point that I could completely question my entire memory of the night. What DID happen last July 4th?

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