Tuesday, January 12, 2010


c. David Grim
(taken 6/17/09)

Now that Hollywood has referenced the 2012 phenomenon, the Mayan calendar has entered into the American pubic discourse. Far be it from me to clutter my new blog with "new age" esoterica... but I have to mention that we here in the 'Burgh have been associated with this particular millenarian event by actual Mayan scholars.

Apparently those ancient luminaries believed that anywhere three rivers converged was a sacred portal. In their mythos there is a special place where FOUR channels converge, and this constitutes the location that the transition into the next stage of existence is centered. How many folks realize that there is a fourth (underground) river that flows from the point of the Golden Triangle itself?

Anyone can postulate an end-of-the-world scenario. But it takes some serious imagination to conceptualize another phase of human evolution. Regardless, if one must speculate upon momentous occurrences that change everything we know about life on Earth, we might at least inject some hope into our reflections. And that's something that the denizens of Southwestern Pennsylvania have been intimately acquainted with for a long time.


  1. hey dave,
    good to see some new photos and words. looks great.
    regarding this post, are we more screwed being next to the portal or are we closer to salvation?

  2. Thanks MW! If the Mayan scholars are to be believed, then we are actually going to play an active role in whatever transition occurs. We who reside in PGH in 2012 have been "called" here... or at least that's the story.