Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Broken Record.

c. David Grim (taken 8/9/09)

You can forget about all the hype surrounding the Massachusetts special senatorial election. Just put Scott Brown and his Cosmo centerfold history right out of your mind. Who cares that this is only one more in an interminable series of obstacles to health care reform? Did you really think it ever had a chance anyway?

Apparently this nation has bigger fish to fry (and I'm not talking about banking regulation, or the two wars wars are mired in, nor even the poor state of the economy). Because gay marriage is once again on the national agenda.

The great struggle to preserve the sanctity of marriage is ongoing. California is about to be witness to a high-profile state supreme court case to decide the constitutionality of the recent referendum that banned gays from the great eternal bond that is matrimony.

Thank God our nation's leaders can keep focused. Because heterosexuals have had unchallenged success at proving the sanctity of marriage. No one needs the gays mucking it all up.

Seriously though, the whole thing disgusts me. People need to stop worrying about others' household arrangements. Everyone deserves the same legal protections and rights. If this is a government issue at all, then it is surely about giving everybody equal access to tax breaks and hospital visitations. Ask yourself if you'd accept anything less for your family.

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