Sunday, January 17, 2010

Otherworldly Creatures

c. David Grim
(taken 2/08/09)

Sometimes the appearance of a large spectral animal-costumed figure can portend huge changes on your life. I urge you to keep this in mind, as I have learned the lesson personally.

I once went to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society's annual convention. It was held in a town East of Pittsburgh at a place called Pitzer's. My friends and I were regaled with fanciful theories about the mythical beast. One of my favorite gems from that day was the suggestion that UFO's, Bigfoot, ghosts, and all manner of unexplained bestiary were all manifestations of the same interdimensional beings. Apparently you only ever see what you are uniquely prepared to see. I found that an elegant explanation of the unknown.

Anyway I urge you to note the eyes of the rabbit in this image. I did no post-production or digital manipulation after I took this shot. It is in the exact form it was taken in. Later in the night I believe that I saw a human being reveal himself by removing the creature's head. However, I didn't get a photograph of that. Draw your own conclusions about the nature of my reality.

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