Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Absurdity of Man.

c. David Grim (taken 9/14/08)

This image is just one in a series of many I took upon request for a friend of mine. He had been contacted by a noted alternative record producer, and he was getting a CD together to send out.

I don't do many jobs for other people. Generally I just shoot whatever I feel inspired by, and have little interest in doing commercial work. Occasionally I will agree to do something for a friend if I like him/her enough. In this case, the image never got used, but I liked the location anyway (which should be obvious to anyone who has traveled the PA Turnpike).

More than anything else, this shot reminds me of just how small we are. Our lives seem so momentous while we are living them, but we are really just blips in time. Despite all of humanity's efforts, some day in the future there will be no trace left.

Perhaps there was a time in my life when our essential transient nature would have been too depressing for me to reflect upon. But nowadays I find it mostly a sense of comfort. If I think too much about the sum total of man's accomplishments, I'm mostly just struck by its absurdity.

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