Friday, July 2, 2010

Installation in Progress.

c. David Grim (taken 7/1/10)

I have to apologize for not making my customary 4-5 posts this week. Things have been very hectic at the Panza Gallery for David and I. Our respective halves are really starting to harmonize in anticipation for the show, but I can't say there hasn't been a lot of struggle and self-analysis along the way.

Depicted in today's image is Mark Panza, proprietor and master framer. Without Mark, this show would be a damn sight less interesting than we would want it to be. We've really relied on his ability to put things straight and come up with ultra-creative solutions to presentation problems. When you come to the opening on July 10th (6-9PM), you'll see exactly what I mean.

Anyway, a few people have seen what we have up so far, and their reaction has been encouraging (and that's an understatement). All of us have put so much work, energy, and love into this exhibition that there's no way it won't be a success. We'll see you soon (and hopefully I'll be able to post a little less self-referentially soon).


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