Monday, July 5, 2010


c. David Grim (taken 8/6/08)

Yesterday I had one of the most laid back 4th of July's of my entire personal chronology. Typically around this time of the year I am ruminating on the state of the nation. Not so this go 'round. The show was installed on Saturday and I hosted a small group of folks that decided to drop by for a preview. It was a comfortable evening with a lot of talk, cigarettes and libations. When it was all over I took a short walk and prepared for the inevitable crash that came from reduced endorphins and anticipation.

What I didn't really expect was for my neck to seize up to the point that I had a hard time turning my head without wincing in pain. My days had been so full that I pretty much forgot that I had fallen faceward on pavement upon returning to my Millvale address at 1:30AM after my third day of installation.

I've been wearing thong sandals, and it's taken me a bit to remember that they flap when I walk. I stepped up on the sidewalk with my right leg, and the left followed suit but the front of the sandal got caught and I found myself falling quickly. My left knee hit and I extended my hands palms-down and hit hard in a sort of ugly push up position. No doubt my head snapped violently but I managed not to plant my expression into the concrete. I was proud of myself for the lack of visible scratches and bruises (I was wearing sandals). I went upstairs and fell fast asleep.

So it took a couple more busy days for me to finally feel the impact. The good news is that I had healing energy in my midst (thanks, GF!) and a Remedy around the corner. I feel good today and can swivel my eyes in a nice full arc without pain. Woohoo!

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