Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Way Above the Princess Suite.

c. David Grim (taken 6/19/10)

What I really wanted to do was a detailed post on the room I stayed in outside of Cook Forest, but I wanted some pictures to go with it. Unfortunately events conspired so that I didn't get shots that would adequately convey what it would be like if YOU stayed there. So I thought I could just do a short description that would suffice without pictures.

GF and I stayed in the Princess Suite because the only other suitable accommodation available at midnight the night before the trip was the "Honeymoon Suite". Obviously that's a heavily-laden label to throw up on a door even with a heart-shaped tub behind it. And there were photos on the website. But what we came to find out was that whoever built that web presence wasn't entirely clear what was what.

When we walked in the room we were initially struck by the overwhelming pinkness of the room. It turns out that the shots attributed to the Princess Suite were actually snaps of the "Angle (sic) Suite". I guess the color scheme for angels runs more toward the orange hues. If my expectations wouldn't have been colored by the net documentation, I likely would have not been surprised that Princesses only feel royal when surrounded by pink. Of course I figured everything out as I got adjusted.

I did make a point of moving the stuffed bear that was sitting against the headboard of the king-sized bed out of his pride-of-place and on to a straight-backed chair in the corner. I'd personally prefer something created with artful taxidermy, but I understand how that could be incongruous, and maybe even turn off potential patrons.

Anyway, I'm losing the thread. Writing daily in a public space is an interesting endeavor. The image above is from the trip, but not the Shiloh Resort. Let's just chalk it up to technical difficulties.

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  1. david in the princess suite, priceless with layers of amusement.

    from the website:

    Women that stay always say they feel like they have been treated like a princess and every princess needs a prince charming.