Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Briefest Blackout.

c. David Grim (taken 11/24/07)

For a brief moment there, my electricity was out. There's nothing especially severe about the weather. It's not raining, thundering or flashing lightning. In fact there's a bright blue sky, punctuated by billowy white clouds. Sure it's a little hot, but that wouldn't explain the loss of power.

I always suspect that it's just the building I live in that has its lights out. Maybe I have a bit of a persecution complex... I don't know. But this time I knew the entire street had the same problem, as I was on a walk when I overheard people complaining about it. I wondered if my apartment would somehow be spared, but my hope was deflated when I saw that the traffic light out front was blank.

Anyone remember the great black out in NYC and down the East Coast in the late 70's? Apparently people went nuts, and I think it coincided with the Berkowitz (i.e. Son of Sam) killings. I wonder how long the lights would have to be out before people in the 'Burgh started marauding through the streets. I imagine everyone would be getting too drunk to do much of anything besides puke in public. I love this city.

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  1. I like what you did with the photo.
    I don't like losing power.