Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Things I Heard Department, Vol. 2.

c. David Grim (taken 8/19/08)

I spent a lot of time in a meeting the other night. As people filed in for what we all knew would be a commitment lasting several hours, we made small talk. It is often during such times that you exchange information that you wouldn't necessarily trade under any other circumstances. The participants of this gathering rarely interact, and that fact provided a relative anonymity which can function in one of two ways. It can result in the most mundane of small talk. Or it can inspire madly inspired, but vague revelations.

So I was pleasantly surprised when one guy started telling his story about riding around on shift with a Pittsburgh police cruiser. I imagine that he learned all sorts of interesting things from the experience. He chose to share one juicy tidbit that I enjoyed. He introduced it by asking where we all thought that the highest incidence of prostitution occurs. All the usual suspects sprang to mind, and I have to admit my amazement at the answer to his query. Apparently there is an awful lot of whoring going on at our local senior centers.

This makes sense, in a peculiar way. No doubt it gets increasingly difficult to find an alluring partner as we reach our dotage. In such circumstances, why shouldn't we turn to alternative options to get our needs met. I actually found myself blurting out (in a half-joking manner) that it should be considered a "public service". While a few people around the table laughed and/or agreed, a couple also seemed to take offense at my suggestion. But I'll stick to my conviction- with the elderly, the ordinary rules simply shouldn't apply.

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