Friday, April 2, 2010

Everything Has Fled

c. David Grim (taken 4/8/08)

What if there was a single human being that you told all of your secrets to?

Let's assume that you could actually let yourself in on all your dark, hidden places. After all, the brain is capable of all types of deceptions... even internally. What if you were completely aware of what you were capable of, and you thought through (in detail) all of your possible fantasies, and you were honest with yourself about your opinions? If all of that were true, you could have conversations lasting from dusk until dawn, for weeks.

What would the life of your confessor be worth to you? What would you sacrifice to protect it, and not have to trot out all of that stuff again? How much would you be capable of repeating again? Would you have felt such shame in the telling that you never wanted to hear the words releaased from your mouth again?

Happy Good Friday.

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