Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ugh, again.

c. David Grim (taken 7/19/10)

If I remember correctly, it wasn't too long ago that I wrote about how difficult it gets to write and post regularly when life gets complicated. When I was just a kid I was convinced that an artist or writer had to suffer in order to get good work done. In retrospect that belief almost sounds quaint. I find it increasingly difficult to find the time, focus, and motivation to honor my need for creative output whenever the fates are throwing me curveballs. I can only compartmentalize up to a certain point... and then the stream of challenges starts to get overwhelming.

Not only has my personal life been trying (and I could be accused of crafting a whopper of an understatement here), but my domestic arrangements are constantly presenting one problem after another. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what kicked off the latest series of tribulations. There was standing water in the tub after my new roommate took a shower. That had to be snaked and remediated with Liquid Plumber. Then my only television went on the fritz. Then, after buying a replacement, the cable and (more importantly) the internet stopped working. My camera continues to malfunction (even after having it sent away for repair once). Light switches have gone bad. And finally, the shut-off valve on the radiator on the third floor is leaking, draining all of the water through the floor and into the hallway downstairs.

None of these things in isolation would seem too severe. But in combination, they constitute a burden. All of this is happening right after I had to shell out money to replace tires I've only had for a single year. What makes this particularly galling is that I'm scared to tempt the fates by complaining too much. Compared to the vast majority of human beings on planet Earth, I have it inordinately easy. I haven't forgotten that. I'm grateful for what I have. Still I'd appreciate a run of good luck. I just have to plow through until the winds change, I guess.

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